MYOB Remote Training & Support

You will be amazed at the speed we can resolve your MYOB ‘problem’. Remote support is simple, easy to use, and instant. We can work on your MYOB file from our office to both trouble-shoot and train. It takes just a minute to login to your computer, find and fix your problem and show you why so it doesn’t happen again.


  • Easy log-in
  • Show us your problem (we see what you see)
  • No site visit required (save travel time and cost)
  • You watch and learn
  • NZ wide service (we also assist customers in the Pacific islands and Australia)
  • Secure – we can only login when you let us (you must give us permission first)

Who This Best Suits

Remote training & support is ideal for people who have a good understanding of the software and just need some help. Unlike telephone support, we can view your whole MYOB data file and truly understand what is going on. We can see what you can see and keep training & troubleshooting stress free.

You need to telephone us whilst we're reviewing your MYOB file so we can discuss the problem and what we are doing to resolve it. And with 20 year’s MYOB experience this won’t be a problem!​

Remote support is charged by the hour or part thereof. The rate is $145 + GST per hour. 

The Process

  1. We'll need your contact details (email address & phone number)
  2. Availability (when we can setup the session)
  3. A brief overview of the issue
  4. We email you a link which you click on and small program is installed to enable connection.
  5. We need the ID and password generated in order to connect to your PC.
  6. Once the session is completed we will quit from the session reverting PC control back to you.
  7. The program we use is called TeamViewer which is the all-in- One Solution for Remote Access and Support over the Internet. TeamViewer connects to any PC or server around the world within a few seconds and is used by 100 million users worldwide