MYOB Training

There's a range of different ways you could try learning MYOB software.  However not every method works equally well and the method you select should be the one best suited to your own specific needs. Below is a list of the different approaches you can take and beneath this details about the two most popular methods to get up to speed quickly with MYOB.

Here’s a variety of ways you can learn MYOB software

  • Read the user guide – good luck! Software manuals are great as a reference tool, but are a very slow & tedious way to learn a new program. That’s why people universally have an aversion to reading them. (When did you last read a software user guide?)
  • Attend a polytech or university course – a good option, if you have the time. Most business users don’t.
  •  Take on some Self-Paced Training – suits those who are self disciplined and determined to get it done.
  • Have a friend teach you – of course this assumes they have the time to show you &, more importantly, know what they’re doing. Unfortunately many don’t.
  • Attend an MYOB approved short course – for most business users this is the best way. There’s a range catering for novices through to experienced users. MYOB short courses help you get up to speed with MYOB quickly.
  • Do some one-one-one training – a great way, but costs more as you have a tutor all to yourself.


Here you attend classes at specific times. Classes have less than 12 participants (generally 4 – 7 people) & each person has their own computer with the MYOB software loaded. Courses are available in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and the North Shore.

​The class is hands-on with a series of exercises or case study. The tutor keeps the class together and you proceed at a pace that suits the slower learners (but fast enough to complete the learning outcomes). Sometimes faster learners can move ahead. The benefit of a classroom course is that you benefit from questions/discussion from other students plus the tutor will demonstrate aspects of the MYOB software.​

Recommended for users wanting

hands on classroom training

(Auckland, Wellington,  Christchurch)


Remote training & support is ideal for people who have a good understanding of the software and just need some help. Unlike telephone support, we can view your whole MYOB data file and truly understand what is going on. We can see what you can see and keep training & troubleshooting stress free.

Benefits of remote support:

  • Easy log-in
  • Show us your problem (we see what you see)
  • No site visit required (save travel time and cost)
  • You watch and learn
  • NZ wide service (we also assist customers in the Pacific islands and Australia)
  • Secure – we can only login when you let us (you must give us permission first)

Recommended for users wanting

immediate training & assistance using their own MYOB file


For a lot of people spending whole days out of the office on training courses simply isn’t an option – they’re far too busy running their business! Of course this doesn’t take away the need for training or up-skilling. The good news is there is an answer – MYOB Self-Paced courses.

These courses offer you the chance to do a course in your own time. We mail out the workbook and starter files with instructions on how to get started. Then you come to us (or us to you) and we take you through the material finer detail. After that, you may complete the other exercises in your own time. If you are in a remote location, we can remote in to your PC.​

Recommended for people who can’t make a classroom course or people who need to be trained up fast