MYOB Retail Software

Managing cash and stock is mission critical if you are in retail. MYOB address the needs of NZ retailers with two great software offerings.
MYOB RetailManager is desktop based full of functionality and ideal for retailers who need stock control. Kounta POS software is cloud based and offers some features specific to bars and restaurants. It also allows stock control. Both packages integrate seamlessly to MYOB Accounting Software.

Buying an MYOB retail solution means piece of mind.
Reliable software, telephone support & on site training.

MYOB RetailManager

MYOB’s RetailManager is pc based software so ideal when you don't want/have internet access. It is easy to use, and a great solution for one or many shops. The program integrates seamlessly to MYOB AccountRight so that your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports are kept up to date on a daily basis. it is ideal if you sell and manage inventory, require fast sales processing and need to manage customers on account and see exactly how the shop is performing. It is compatible with most POS hardware.

MYOB Kounta

​MYOB Kounta is cloud based but you can transact off line should the internet go down. It syncs from POS to accounting to eliminate double entry between the two systems. MYOB Kounta is particularly useful for retail and hospitality businesses that require multi-tasking to balance customer service, sales and inventory management. Features include simplified set-up, order management features, shrinking and wastage tracking, automatic staff commission calculation, on account and lay-by functionality. Special features for hospitality businesses include table management, split bills and queue busting.


Point-of-sale software is more than a cash register. It takes care of sales, stock, inventory, customer and supplier information, GST and many of the other key issues you – as a retailer – have to deal with. As an integral part of your retail business, it’s imperative to ensure you choose the right point-of-sale software; one that specifically suits your needs and helps you manage and build a more profitable business.

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