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EXO Employer Services - for the larger employer..

As your business grows, managing your workforce can turn out to be a key factor in the ongoing success of your enterprise. MYOB EXO Employer Services gives you control over all aspects of staff administration so you can:

  • Manage HR records
  • Capture time
  • Plan rosters and streamline payroll
  • Manage and communicate with your people online, wherever they’re based.
  • Suitable for medium sized operations of twenty or more staff, up to organisations of 1,000 people.
  • Multi-user or single user access

The Modules in the EXO Employer Services range work together to form an integrated business solution. They are fully compatible with each other, which means you can add modules as and when you need to. Check out the modules below:


A powerful, simple payroll solution for medium sized and larger businesses. An all-in-one management tool. MYOB EXO Payroll helps remove that burden by calculating accurate earnings, taxes and deductions for you automatically. It also lets you track labour costs, analyse trends and create detailed management reports.

  • Detailed cost and General Ledger analysis
  • Up to 50 management and accounting reports
  • Exports to AccountRight and EXO Business, as well as most other accounting systems
  • Interacts with electronic banking and the IRD
  • Automatically accrues leave and handles payments in accordance with legislation
  • More functionality than other payrolls listed on this website

Employee Information

Easily track and manage your staff information. EI is an easy-to-use data management tool that helps you stay up-to-date with all your HR records, from job descriptions and candidate records, to performance reviews and disciplinary matters. Includes a reminder system so you need never forget about reviews, training updates or inductions again, even if an employee has moved to another part of the company.

  • All your HR data centrally, in one place
  • Link documents like job descriptions and performance reviews to employee records
  • Automatically reassign training when an employee moves groups
  • Extract information easily using ‘favourite’ report settings

My Staff Info

Use MSI to capture and share information, policies and staff contact lists without security concerns. Not only that, you can save your payroll staff hours of time by allowing employees to access payslips, apply for leave and view holiday entitlement online themselves.

  • Online locator board lets you find employees instantly and check their availability
  • Online timesheets allow staff to enter times wherever they’re based. 
  • Personal information can be managed and updated by employees with password access
  • Managers can view leave entitlements and balances for their teams, and approve or reject leave applications remotely
  • Receive payslips (and get old ones) online

Time & Attendance

Keep on top of absenteeism and tardiness by automatically calculating your employees’ hours and presenting you with an accurate picture of who’s working in your business, and when. Designed for any company that roster employees, EXO Time and Attendance allows you to track labour costs, analyse trends and create detailed management reports. 

  • Ensures you comply with legislation on time & attendance recording & documentation.
  • Process weekly totals automatically (and transfer to MYOB EXO Payroll)
  • Forecast payroll costs based on rosters
  • Calculate a wide range of allowances
  • View a full history for each employee


Timesheet saves your payroll staff hours of time and effort each week. It reduces the timesheet entry workload by processing payroll information from remote sites electronically and feeding that data directly into MYOB EXO Payroll.

  • Single screen, easy to follow interface
  • Secure logins allow access by on-site supervisors or employees
  • Create future timesheets
  • Process batches outside of payroll
  • Automatically update leave balances and pay period changes

Health & Safety

EXO Health and Safety will simplify and structure your workplace safety obligations. Its user friendly design makes it simple to track hazards, plan policy and procedures, undertake health and safety training, as well as record incident details

  • Step-by-step process for simple processing
  • ACC Workplace Cover discounts available when using this module
  • Document manager records site visits, safety equipment records, medical details and contract providers

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