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The purpose of Sidekick reports is to add further value to existing data held in your MYOB file. The software includes over 90 custom-made reports using data from MYOB AccountRight.

What is it?

SideKick is a software product that offers unique additional features for users of the MYOB AccountRight

  • Reports – Reports available in current versions of MYOB (see the list below)
  • Searches – Blank Job codes, faulty GST codes, Memo Description
  • Tools – Bar code printing, loan calculator, metric conversions

Why use it?

Users of MYOB AccountRight generate a large volume of very useful data. Although MYOB has over 200 standard reports, we have identified other reports that make use of the data you already have available. You obtain the benefit of further analysis without having to design complicated spreadsheets.

Most reports focus on the following areas:

  • Actual / Budget comparisons for Accounts
  • Actual / Budget comparisons for Jobs
  • Consolidated Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss
  • General Ledger transactions
  • Inventory prices and turnover
  • Profit and Loss by Trading Account
  • Sales by Customer
  • Sales by Item
  • Sales by Salesperson
  • In some reports customers and items can be reported on by Custom List e.g. Customer Type, Region, Product Type.


Existing reports can be modified and further reports can be added. Just send us a draft of what you need in Excel format.
No training is required but we will help you set up. All reports are included.

Where does it live on my computer?

SIDEKICK is a Windows product, with standard Windows features, including a full range of context-sensitive Help notes. Many reports have filters and options available. You will have a shortcut on your desktop to access the Sidekick software.

What does it cost?

NZ buyers: NZ$500 + GST

Australia buyers AU$500 + GST

SIDEKICK can be tested out on a trial basis, and then registered by phone, fax or email once payment is confirmed. You can order the software and pay by credit card or direct credit. We will need your MYOB serial number to register.

For more information download the brochure Sidekick2-Features or contact us


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