Membership Management & Franchise add-ons

Membership Management – MYOB AccountRight Live

The Membership Management software is ideal for many organisations with members, such as Clubs, Associations and Societies. The software uses MYOB AccountRight as the member database and will save hours of invoice data entry.
Main Features:

  • Members are normally set up as ‘Customers’ in the MYOB Card file.
  • Member types are also set up such as Full Member, Honorary Member, Junior Member, Country Member etc.
  • Invoices can be generated by the software. For example, subscription renewal invoices can be created for selected member types.
  • Invoices can also be generated for non-subscription items such as Locker keys. Groups can be set up for any group of members, such as committees, social events, teams, or member interests.
  • The software can create text files to be used with mail merge documents such as letters to members.

Membership Manager Reports:

The reports use data read from your MYOB data file. Reports include Member Details, and Families being charged to one subscription payer. More reports are added to Membership Manager from time to time. Report formats are customized to the users requirements.

Franchise Manager – MYOB AccountRight v19

Franchise Manager provides profitability reports that help rank separate MYOB files for each Franchisee. It also gives a range of ratios and percentages against benchmark figures which are user determined.

Provides reports for multiple Franchisee MYOB files as follows:

  • One Franchisee file – Budget Comparison
  • One Franchisee file – Budget Forecast
  • All Franchisee files – a consolidated report showing group results, and comparisons to benchmark figures (see report extract below)

 Group/Consolidated statements – MYOB AccountRight v19

Debtors from separate MYOB debtors are combined into one Group Statement. This is useful when you invoice multiple branches but need to supply head office with a single statement. The statement lists transactions by branch so it is easy for the customer to reconcile the invoices.

The Statements use data from MYOB AccountRight. Four Statement formats are currently supplied, and further formats can be customised to the users requirements.

Statements currently use an open item basis ie unpaid invoices.


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