Manufacturing add-ons

manufacturing-add-onsMYOB AccountRight already offers a simple auto-build function within inventory to make finished goods stock from raw materials. It suits businesses who make kit sets or have straight forward manufacturing requirements. We have many businesses using the build function to make stock to sell. It is easy and effective to use. AccountRight can also manage finished goods stock where costings have been calculated on a spreadsheet.

For more advanced manufacturing you must consider an add-on or look at moving from AccountRight to MYOB Advanced or MYOB EXO which offers a complete accounting/inventory/manufacturing/MRP solution and designed for businesses with more demanding job and inventory requirements.


This is a complete front end add-on to MYOB AccountRight & ideal for job shops, custom manufacturers, construction, & service maintenance.  It is generally used by small or medium sized manufacturing or job shop businesses or those in the trades. Features include:

  • Inventory & Purchasing
  • Landed Costing
  • MRP & Inventory Replenishment
  • Job Costing & Projects
  • Labour, Timesheets & Job Tracking
  • Distribution, Service & POS
  • CRM, Call Centre & Quoting
  • Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Configured Custom Products including Features & Options
  • Reporting, Graphical Workflows & Advanced Scripting

Check out more details here or contact us for a demonstration.

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