Job management add-ons

Listed below are three job add-on programs to consider. Like all affortradesmen with devicesdable off-the-shelf products, they won’t do everything and it is up to you to check out the merits of each. For instance, most job management add-ons don’t control stock in the warehouse or vans. To do that you would need to use MYOB’s inventory or an alternative add-on solution. These products suit not only the trades but businesses who need job centric packages where tracking the job is critical.


Tradify is cloud based job managetradify logoment, invoicing & quoting for trade & service businesses. Features include – Job Management; Invoicing; Quoting & Estimating; Scheduling and Dispatch; Timesheets; Materials; Mobile Apps; GPS Tracking; Supplier Price Books; Photos; Signatures. The cost is simple – $20 per month per user. Support is good and this package connects to AccountRight Live and MYOB Essentials.

Check out more details on Tradify here or contact us to arrange a free demo.


ServiceM8 is job management in the cloud accessible by your
computer, iPhone & iPad.servicem8
It works from quoting through to job completion & invoicing. The program will keep track of your jobs, storing all job details from a client’s first call through to quoting, scheduling, job management, invoicing and payment tracking. ServiceM8 can be used by everyone in your business, from field & office staff to management. It is simple & effective & best of all it shares data seamlessly with MYOB AccountRight. The cost is on a per job basis at 35c to 50c per job (USD) with the first 20 jobs free.

Check out more details on Service M8 here or contact us to arrange a free demo.


SmartTrade handles the core “front end” operations, such as logging customer enquiries, job costing, quoting and estimating, scheduling and dispatch, job tracking, ordering materials, Invoicing, and timesheets. SmartTrade can be an office solution, or an integrated office and field solution, and users can customise solutions from the menu of SmartTrade products and add-ons. SmartTrade is used mainly by the trades and is well supported via telephone & email. Pricing starts from $55 per month depending on the number of office and mobile users. SmartTrade connects to MYOB AccountRight Live. Check out more details here or contact us to arrange a free demo.

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