MYOB Bookkeeping Service

Not all of us have the talent or the tenacity for adding up receipts and paying bills. It isn’t the most exciting activity in the world that’s for sure. However, what most business owner’s relish is an organised office, a (correct) list of people who owe them and people they owe, accurate stock list and a reconciled bank account. They also love seeing a Profit and Loss statement and Balance Sheet which they understand & makes sense. 

We care about bookkeeping. We like to set up good systems, we like to stay compliant, and most of all we like to balance our books.

Our bookkeeping service is designed to help the following:

Small organisations

Who don’t have enough work for a full or part time bookkeeper – they just want someone a day or half day per week.

Organisations who want to move from their 'shoebox' approach

They want to use a real accrual accounting system but don’t have the skills or desire to learn how to do this. We do bookkeeping for very large and very small companies like this.

Payroll Processing

The pay clerk has left the job and employees must be paid. We can process the pays until you are sorted.

“Our accountant, put us onto Lynley Averis from Accounting Training. He noticed our accounts weren’t as tidy as they should have been and we were months behind. Debbie immediately got started checking and updating MYOB. They worked with us to get sorted. Now we are up to date can use the Profit & Loss as a reliable tool to see how we are trading month-by-month. Our debtors and creditors are now reconciled and making perfect sense. We would recommend Accounting Training Ltd and Mobile Bookkeeping Ltd to others who need their MYOB accounts sorted”

Seb Hall
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Monthly Profit & Loss

Organisations who need to know Profit (or Loss) month by month not just at year end.

Short or medium term requirement

Organisations who are short staffed and need an accounts or payroll person short or long term.

Disaster Recovery

Organisations that have had an accounting, payroll or computer disaster and need help to recover. Corruption can and does occur.