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How do I set up holiday pay for casual employees when it is paid as they go


1          Go to Maintain Employees then Employment Details

2          Enter the rate per hour

Note: If the rate is including holiday pay then you will need to work out the rate less 8% as holiday pay must be shown separately on the pay slip

3          Click on Leave Details

4          Set Normal Hours per week to 0

5          Under Other Leave set all boxes to 0

6          In Pay Defaults/Totals – enter 1 in the quantity for holiday pay so the holiday pay will be paid out each pay and reported on the pay slip#adp01

Why is the Holiday Pay balance showing a negative figure – MYOB Payroll?

There are two possible reasons this could have happened:

1          It is likely that an employee has been paid out using the Holiday pay (HP) code thereby reducing the balance of holiday pay. When the system completes a Holiday Anniversary update the Holiday pay balance should return to zero. However if any amounts have been paid out of Holiday pay the balance will be negative by this amount. To check whether this has occurred run a Period report by Employee/Paycode selecting the Holiday Pay code. The Maintenance Audit report by Employee is also useful as this will show what Holiday Pay balances were changed by the user and by the system update.

2          If the Annual Holiday update has not been run on time, then a problem with the leave can occur. If a pay has been finalised before the Leave update is scheduled to be run, then the balances of both the Annual Leave and the Holiday Pay can be affected.

In both of the above situations, a manual correction is the only solution. Use the Period Reports to check the balance of the Gross Pay and manually calculate the value of the Holiday Pay. Change the figures manually to correct them and type a note of what you have done under Maintain Employee in the ‘notes’ section.

If you need to reconcile holiday pay and leave balances, we suggest once done you print a Holiday Pay accrual report and have each employee sign that their balance as correct.